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Scotland Grand Lodge Visit

A visit to St Margret’s Lodge & The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland

November 29 2023

Five members of St Osyth’s Priory Lodge 2063 planned to fly from Stanstead Airport, due to illness W Bro. John Hazleton had to drop out at the last moment due to illness. So only four members joined the flight from Stansted to Edinburgh.  W.  Bro Jim Wagg, Bro Tony Wicken, Bro Ray Goodey and Bro Les Chapmen.

On our flight it came to our attention that this was Les Chapmans first flight, because of brotherly love and chats to the aircrew, it was not only the first flight for Les, but he ended up in the pilot’s seat, this started our trip in good humour.

We arrived at our hotel in Queensbury in time for a meal and was meet by our friends from St Margret’s Lodge 548, to confirm our visit in the evening to St Margret’s Lodge.  We had a great time that evening with a demonstration of a Scottish Rites second degree.  After which the host looked after us like to a very high standard.  We confirmed our plans for our visit to the Grand Lodge of Scotland the following day for the Installation of the officials of Scotland’s Grand of Ancient Free and Accepted Freemasons Hall which was followed by a meal for nearly six hundred people at the Edinburgh O2 Academy on the 30 November 2023. Not to mention the display given by Bagpipe and Drums band.

December 1st 2023

Our return trip back home to sunny Clacton on Sea.

Installation 2019

Installation St.Osyth’s Priory Lodge No.2063 18th October 2010

St.Osyth’s Priory No.2063 WM Jonathon Hazelton and Lodge Architect of Lodge St. Margaret No.548 in the Scottish Constitution.
4 Scottish Reigning Masters – (WM with 3 Scottish Reigning Masters and great friends).
From left to right
Gordon Yeoman (Kirkliston and Maitland No.482), John Anderson (St. Margaret No.548), Jonathon Hazelton (Lodge Architect St.Margaret No.548) , Gordon Sharp (St. John Mid Calder No.272).
Members of St.Osyth’s Priory No.2063 and mixed deputation from Scottish Constitution.

Visit from Canada

Past Master’s Great Grandson visits from Canada

W. M. Mike Perkins & W. Bro. Rod Mills

At the meeting of St Osyth’s Priory Lodge No: 2063 at the Colvin Memorial Temple, Clacton on Sea in April 2019, we were delighted to receive as a visitor W. Bro Rod Mills from Battlefield Lodge No: 714 Ontario, Canada. Rod’s Great Grandfather was our Worshipful Master Edward Mills in 1901. In this year Queen Victoria died and Edward V11 became King.

W. Bro. Edward Mills was Senior Warden in 1900 and Junior Warden in 1899. The same year Coronation Chapter No: 2063 was proposed and three years later Consecrated. He was a Steward in 1896 which is twelve years after St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge was consecrated in 1884.

During the meeting, the Worshipful Master presented Rod with a facsimile of the original minutes of his ancestor’s Installation (which had been read in open Lodge that night) along with a copy of the summonses from his Initiation, Installation and his first meeting as Worshipful Master.

He was also presented with the history of the Temple and Clacton on Sea in the early 1900s, an Essex Provincial tie, a collar, an Essex Jewel from the 1800s and lapel badges for our Lodge No: 2063.

W. Bro Rod Mills replied, thanking all the Brethren for the magnificent welcome he had received not only for himself but also for his wife who had been taken for a meal by our ladies. He then presented to the Lodge a Jewel that had belonged a past Director of Ceremonies of our lodge, which had been in his Great Grandfathers possession. Rod also gave some brethren a Canadian maple leaf lapel badge No: 714.

The Worshipful Master Mike Perkins recorded his thanks to W. Bro. Peter Harris, Bro. Doug Carpenter, the Secretary Bro. Stephen Hutchins, Bro. John Richardson and W. Bro. Ian Bartlett for all the work they had carried out to put together such a wonderful package for our Brother from Canada to take home with him.

A brief Masonic history of the Mills family: On the 19th April 1982, W. Bro. Ted Mills (Edward Mills son) assumed the Chair of King Solomon for the Initiation of his son Rod at Battlefield Lodge No. 714, Stoney Creek, Canada. The lodge celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2015.

Freemasons Lodge Offices

Worshipful Master

This is the name given to the chairman of the lodge. The role of Worshipful Master is taken for one year by one of the brethren, elected to that position by the rest.

The honorific “Worshipful” does not imply that he is in any way worshipped, it is simply a courtesy title much as an MP is called the “Honourable Member for…” we are not expected to honour the title bearer! Nevertheless the Worshipful Master plays a pivotal role in the work of the lodge.

It is the Master’s prerogative to decide what is to be the business transacted at each lodge meeting, though much of this is governed by the bye-laws of the lodge and the Book of Constitutions.


All the other officers of the lodge are appointed at the sole discretion of the Master; with the exception of the Treasurer (who is elected by ballot), and the Tyler, (who is elected if he is not a member of the lodge.)

The Wardens

The Wardens have slightly different but complementary roles in the Lodge and assist the Master to open and close the Lodge and to conduct the rituals.

Senior Warden

The Senior Warden carries out tasks delegated to him by the Master and is particularly responsible for closing the lodge. It is usual for the Senior Warden to be next-in-line for the office of Master.

Junior Warden

The Junior Warden in known as the Ostensible steward of the lodge and he is particularly responsible for the visitors who may be present. It is he who must ensure that visitors are bona fide Masons before allowing then into the lodge and he who will direct the Stewards to ensure the visitors are well looked after at the Festive Board.
It is usual for the Junior Warden to succeed to the office of Senior Warden.


While Freemasonry is emphatically neither a religion nor a substitute for religion, we do say prayers both in the Lodge and at the Festive Board. It is the Chaplain’s job to lead those prayers.

The prayers are of a non-denominational nature and are offered to “The Great Architect of the Universe.” They always conclude with the words “So mote it be.”


As you might expect, the Treasurer looks after the Lodge finances. It is he who will collect the annual subscription and the dining fees at the Festive Board. Of course, he is also responsible for paying the Lodge’s bills


As in every formal meeting, the secretary takes the minutes and deals with the correspondence. He is central to the operation of the lodge though much of his work is done at home.

Director of Ceremonies

The “DC” does precisely what his title implies; he directs the ceremony. He is responsible for keeping the meeting moving and for making many of the various announcements required both in the meeting and at the Festive Board.


The Almoner’s duties are to look after any member or dependant of a member who is sick or in distress or lonely and to establish good communications to reveal early notice of problems. The Almoner is the point of contact within the Lodge whenever help is needed.

Charity Steward

His duty is to raise funds for charitable purposes and to encourage every member of the Lodge to give as much as he can readily afford. There are very tax-effective ways of giving, which allow donations to be augmented by the recovery of Income Tax. Regular or lump sums can be donated in this way.


The Lodge Mentor, a relatively new office, is appointed to promote the development of brethren within the Lodge, and to support and integrate new members and those in new offices within the Lodge. The Mentor does not necessarily take all this on himself, but will appoint other experienced members to become a personal mentor to newer members, along guidelines laid down for the office.

The Deacons

The Deacons accompany and instruct Candidates during the various ceremonies. They are responsible for communication between the Worshipful Master and his Wardens and have two of the most interesting and delightful roles in the Lodge. As well as the duties described below, the Deacons are responsible for conducting any ballots which are taken in the Lodge.

Senior Deacon

The Senior Deacon has a particular role to play in the ceremonies of Passing (to the degree of a Fellowcraft) and Raising (to the sublime degree of a Master Mason) The Senior Deacon is also responsible for conveying the Minute Book from the Secretary to the Worshipful Master after the minutes have been approved by the Brethren.

Junior Deacon

The Junior Deacon has a particular role to play in the ceremony of Initiation. He is also responsible for ensuring that the correct Tracing Boards are displayed when the Lodge is open (and that they are concealed when the lodge is closed!)

Assistant Director of Ceremonies

The “ADC” assists the DC.


Masonic meetings are normally filled with music provided by the Organist. Keyboard players are as rare as hen’s teeth so if you let on you can play a keyboard, you may get a job!

Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary may play a major role to play in the organisation of the Festive Board. When Members and Visitors are sent the summons to the meeting, they may send their replies to the Assistant Secretary who then sorts out the table plan, liaises with the caterer to ensure everyone will be fed and ensures that the bar provider knows how much liquid refreshment is required. The Assistant Secretary also acts as Secretary to the Lodge Committee.

Inner Guard

The Inner Guard reports to the Junior Warden, advises when there is a Candidate or Brother wishing to enter the Lodge after it has been opened, and checks that everything is in order before entrance is allowed into the Lodge.


Steward is usually the first role a new Mason takes on. The Stewards have little responsibility within the Lodge Room but a major role at the Festive Board, where they are expected to look after the visitors and to see that they are comfortable and want for nothing.

Being a Steward is a wonderful opportunity to move around and meet everyone attending a meeting. Often senior members will happily volunteer to act as Steward just to be able to mingle. In the Lodge Room, stewards have the perfect opportunity to concentrate on absorbing all of the ritual without the responsibility of having to deliver any of it.


The Tyler remains outside the door of the Lodge at all times while it is open. He is often a senior and experienced Brother who is not necessarily a member of the Lodge and may well be the Tyler for a number of lodges and other Masonic organisations. His duty is to ensure that Candidates are properly prepared before they enter the Lodge; that any late arrivals or visitors are entitled to enter the Lodge and to ensure that only those who are entitled and are vouched for as Masons enter our Lodge Room.

Immediate Past Master

Although not actually an officer of the Lodge (since he holds his office by dint of having served as master rather than by appointment) the Immediate Past Master nevertheless has an important role to play. He is the Worshipful Master’s amanuensis and is expected to stand in for the Worshipful Master should he for any reason not be present at a meeting.


Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex

Annual Meeting and Investiture of Officers March 2023 at Grand Temple, Freemason’ Hall, London.

W. Bro. Jim Wragg promoted to: Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer

At the annual meeting and Investiture of Officers 22 March 2021 at Grand Temple, Freemason’ Hall, London.

W. Bro. Lloyd Sargent promoted to Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

W. Bro. Mike Davy promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon PPJGD

Annual Meeting and Investiture of Officers March 2019 at Grand Temple, Freemason’ Hall, London.

W. Bro Alan Codling has been promoted to Past Provincial Grand Registrar.
W. Bro Gary Gentry has been promoted to Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.
W. Bro Michael Clarke had been appointed as Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer.

At the annual meeting and Investiture of Officers 22 March 2018 at Grand Temple, Freemason’ Hall, London.

R.W. Bro. Rodney Lister Bass OBE Provincial Grand Master.

Appointments & Promotions awarded to St. Osyth’s’ Priory Lodge No 2063:

W. Bro. Del Porter PPDepGSwdB

W. Bro.William Kennedy PPGStB

Honors To Celebrate HRH The Duke of Kent’s 50 years as Grand Master:

Bro. Doug Carpenter PPGPurs

Bro. Hazelton St. Margaret Lodge No: 548

Presentation to Bro. Jonathon Hazelton 

RWM Bro. John Anderson asked acting DoC Bro. Robert Forrest PM to present to him WJW Bro. Jonathon Hazelton. The RWM stated that this was Bro. Hazelton’s last meeting with St Margaret he now returning to England to work. He has been a great office bearer and visitor flying the St Margaret colours far and wide. He has taken 3-days out to travel up, attend this meeting and return to England, weather permitting. The RWM stated that It is the desire of the members Lodge St Margaret to present Bro. Hazelton with a Lodge 100-year Centenary Jewel and inviting the RWPGM to go to the West of the Lodge with him. The RWM presented a 100-year Centenary Jewel to Bro. Jonathon Hazelton. Bro. Hazelton responded by stating he had enjoyed his time here in Scotland with Lodge St Margaret and would wear the jewel with pride.


Certificate of Long Service

Triple Anniversary at St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge No. 2063

W.Bro Tony White PGSTB on one of his first official visits as AGPM presents 60 year Certificate of being a Freemason, plus two 50 years certificates at Colvin Memorial Temple, Clacton-on-Sea



W. Bro Ian Gibson received a Framed Certificate of 60 years service to Freemasonry. During the presentation, the W.Bro Tony White gave a short testimony of the personal history and Masonic career of Ian who had been Initiated into our lodge on the 17th Jan 1964 and was Worshipful Master in October 1976. He was also presented with a letter from Rodney Bass OBE the Provincial Grand Master. Ian expressed his thanks and honour of being a member of the Lodge for so many years.



Bro Maurice Tarling received a framed Certificate of 50 years service to Freemasonry. During the presentation, the APGM gave a short testimony of the personal history and Masonic career of Maurice, who was Initiated on the 17th November 1967 He was also presented with a letter from Rodney Bass OBE the Provincial Grand Master.  Maurice also expressed his appreciations and honour at being a Freemason and a member of St. Osyth’s Lodge No 2963 Lodge.



W. Bro Norman Good with a framed Certificate of 50 years in Freemasonry. During the presentation, the APGM gave a short testimony of the personal history and Masonic career of Norman. He was also presented with a letter from Rodney Bass OBE the Provincial Grand Master.  Norman expressed his thanks to W. Bro. Peter Harris in particular for the excellent work in conducting the research W.Bro. Tony White PGSTB presented. Three senior members of Norman’s previous lodges honoured Norman with their surprise visit to this very special occasion,  W.Bro. Ian Cobban,  W.Bro. Richard Frood, Norman, and W.Bro. Peter Thomas.

Bro. Jack Whittle at 100

Bro. Doug Carpenter, Bro Jack Whittle and present Almoner W. Bro. Gordon Cook

20th August 2017 our Brother became 100 year young, Jack joined our lodge in January 1983 having been a freemason since 1944 where he was initiated into Vespassian Lodge No. 4222 of Southampton.

We have recognised Jacks dedication by making him an Honorary member of our lodge. A birthday card signed by many from the lodge and fiends of Jack was given to the birthday boy along with a presentation watch.  A smashing cake of a ship was made for Jack to celebrate his most distinguished career in the shipping world.

For many years Jack was our Almoner – a job he done with great diligents and compassion. Jack was presented with a Certificate to celebrate his 70 years in Masonry in 2014 by The R.W. Provincial Grand Master, John Michael Webb at our 130th anniversary year meeting.

Jack Whittle’s Birthday cake

Bro Jack Whittle 100 years Royal Telegram

Deputation from Scotland

Bro. Hazelton St. Margaret Lodge No: 548 Feb 2018 Bro. Hazelton was presented with a centenary medal.
On Friday 17th March 2017, at Colvin Memorial Temple, The Brethren of St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge No.2063 and visitors were magnificently entertained by a  distinguished deputation from Scotland consisting of fourteen Brethren from Edinburgh, Linlithgowshire and Mid Lothian Provinces and from Lodges, Kirknewton & Ratho No.85, St. Clare (Edinburgh) No.349, Kirkliston Maitland No.482 & St. Margaret No.548.
During the evening the Scottish Brethren worked a magnificent Scottish rite emplification of the First degree. All the Scottish Brethren played a part in the ceremony and St. Osyth’s Priory’s PM W.Bro. David Appleby was the candidate on the evening.
Degree Team-:
·       RWM-: Gordon Yeoman RWM 482
·       WSW-: Trevor Cronin RWM 548
·       WJW-: Kenneth McMaster RWM 85
·       SD-: Richard Buffery DM 548
·       JD-: Alan Banks IPM 85
·       IG-: Jonathon Hazelton SD 548 & St. Osyth Priory Lodge No.2063 EC
·       DOC-: Les Duff PM 482
·       Lesser Lights-: Les Duff PM 482
·       Secrets-: William Reddington PM 482
·       NEC-: 1st.part Alan Banks IPM 85   2nd. Part Murrie Thomson PM 482
·       Monies & metallic substances-: Richard Buffery DM 548
·       Apron Charge-: Trevor Cronin RWM 548
·       Tools-: Bob Hawkins WJW 548
·       Mode-: David Watt PM 85
·       Charter-: Jack McLeod DM 349
·       Charge-: John Anderson SM 548 & Kenneth McMaster RWM 85


Deputation from Scotland

Front Row
Glen Brown, Kenny McMaster, Gordon Yeoman, Trevor Cronin, Paul Giles.
Middle Row
David Watt, John Anderson, William Reddington, Les Duff, Bob Hawkins, Jack McLeod, Alan Banks
Rear Row
Richard Buffery, Jonathon Hazelton, Murrie Thompson.

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