Bro. Hazelton St. Margaret Lodge No: 548

Presentation to Bro. Jonathon Hazelton 

RWM Bro. John Anderson asked acting DoC Bro. Robert Forrest PM to present to him WJW Bro. Jonathon Hazelton. The RWM stated that this was Bro. Hazelton’s last meeting with St Margaret he now returning to England to work. He has been a great office bearer and visitor flying the St Margaret colours far and wide. He has taken 3-days out to travel up, attend this meeting and return to England, weather permitting. The RWM stated that It is the desire of the members Lodge St Margaret to present Bro. Hazelton with a Lodge 100-year Centenary Jewel and inviting the RWPGM to go to the West of the Lodge with him. The RWM presented a 100-year Centenary Jewel to Bro. Jonathon Hazelton. Bro. Hazelton responded by stating he had enjoyed his time here in Scotland with Lodge St Margaret and would wear the jewel with pride.


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