St Osyth’s Prioy Lodge Part 3

Our early brethren proved to be very energetic in their Masonic duties, as we find that on Friday, November 21st, 1884, (only ten days after the Consecration of the Lodge), they held their second meeting at the Royal Hotel. The thirteen joining members proposed at the first meeting were duly elected, and two candidates (Messrs. G. F. West and N. Demaid) were initiated into Freemasonry by W. Bro. Walter J. Nunn, who, with the treasurer, W. Bro. J. Mann, apears to have been pillars of strength during the first few V 9 years of the Lodge s existence.

From November 1884 until June 1887 the Lodge met every month throughout the year, but in November 1886 it was decided to omit the meetings in July, August and December, and the By-Laws were amended accordingly.

At the 36th meeting, held on November 18th, 1887, a vote of congratulation was unanimously accorded to W. Bro. T. J. Ralling, Prov. G. Secretary, on his having received Grand Lodge honours.

It is interesting to note that our Lodge Summons is printed from a copper plate which was presented to the Lodge by W. Bro. W. M. Foxcroft in April 1888, at which time he was Master of the Lodge.

On several occasions it had been suggested by members of the Lodge that it might be advisable to alter the day of the week on which they held their meetings, and we find that on January 18th, 1895, after a long discussion, the brethren were unable to arrive at a decision, and adjourned he matter until their next meeting. Consequently, on February 15th, 1895, the matter was again brought before the Lodge, when, on the proposition of Bro. Dr. W. G. Murray it was decided to meet alternately on the 3rd Saturday and 3rd Friday in the month for a period of twelve months, to see which day was most satisfactory. At the expiration of this period it was resolved that the Lodge meet in future on the third Friday in each month from September to Juno, omitting December. Other experiments have been tried at different times, such as meeting on the third Tuesday, etc., but, of late years, the third Friday in the month ham been adhered to.

On Friday, June 19th, 1896, W. Bro. J. Mann resigned from the office of treasurer owing to ill health. He had held this office since the formation of the Lodge.

Bro. A. Swann, who was treasurer of the Lodge for over 22 years, having been first appointed in June, 1902, was initiated on Friday, October 17th, 1890, and installed as Master on Friday, September 20th, 1895. On this evening, Bro. Philip John Green was proposed as an initiate into

Freemasonry, and was duly initiated at the next meeting (Saturday, October 19th, 1895) by W. Bro. A. Swann. Many members of St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge will remember that: W. Bro. P. J. Green was secretary of the Lodge for 24 years, and had the distinction of being presented with a bar to his Past Master’s Jewel to commemorate the fact that though not installed into the chair more than once, he carried out the W.M.’s work for a second year. He was installed an W.M. of the Lodge on September 15th, 1905, and first appointed secretary on November 15th, 1907.

On January 20th, 1899, in accordance with a notice of motion, W. Bro. E. Frayling moved that the sanction of the Lodge be given for the formation of a Royal Arch Chapter to be attached to the St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge. This was seconded by W. Bro. W. F. Reed and duly carried. In this manner was first mooted the Coronation Chapter, No. 2063, which, however, was not consecrated until three years later.

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