St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge Part 2

Before proceeding to consecrate the Lodge, the Rt. Wor. Provincial Grand Master addressed the brethren as follows:

“This is the first occasion on which I have had the pleasure of being at Clacton-on-Sea, and I need hardly express to you what great delight it gives me to be here on this important and auspicious occasion – an occasion which undoubtedly will be remembered for all time in the annals of Freemasonry in the town of Clacton-on- Sea. Especially it gives me the very greatest pleasure to consecrate another Lodge in this important Province of Essex; and still more so when I inform you, what probably you know already, that the first Master will be my friend Sir John H. Johnson- one of whom I have every reason to believe will be acceptable in the highest degree to this St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge, which I have the pleasure of consecrating this afternoon. Brethren, it is most satisfactory to find Freemasonry in this Province is increasing and finding favour with such rapid strides. It is always a pleasure to me to consecrate a new Lodge, especially when, as in this case, I find that the want of a new Lodge is so earnestly desired, and when one has every confidence that the Lodge will be supported in a suitable and becoming manner. For I am confident of this, that my friend Sir John Johnson will prove himself a most efficient Master, and will have the   confidence and zeal of those who will have the pleasure of serving under him. Brethren, it is always my endeavour, and always will be, to accede to the wishes of the brethren in the Province; and when the necessity and desirability of the new Lodge is clearly shown, I am sure I shall never hesitate to come among you and consecrate a new Lodge. During my time of office and that a very short time- I have only had the pleasure to consecrate one Lodge; but that consecration was one which was very pleasing to me, and I can assure you I have for some time been looking forward with the greatest pleasure to coming amongst you and consecrating this important Lodge here this afternoon. I may also say how gratified I am at the support which has been given me on this occasion. It is very satisfactory to find that the Brethren of the Province take such a deep interest in matters of this kind. As far as I can see, nothing can be more satisfactory than the arrangements which have been provided, and I congratulate the St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge most heartily, on this their first gathering, upon the kind and excellent reception they have accorded to Provincial Grand Lodge.”

During the Ceremony of Consecration, Bro. the Rev. W. Morgan Jones (Rector of Marks Tey) Provincial Grand Chaplain delivered an Oration on the Nature and Principles of the Order. A verbatim report of this Oration was published in The Walton and Clacton Gazette of Wednesday, November 12th, 1884, a cutting of which is preserved in the Lodge’s first Minute Book.

After the Ceremony of Consecration of the Lodge, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V. Wor. Bro. F. A. Philbrick, Q.C., installed as first Master W. Bro. Sir John H. Johnson (of St. Osyth’s Priory) who invested as his Officers:

W. Bro. T. D. Hayes – Acting I.P.M.

W. Bro. Walter J. Nunn – S.W.

W. Bro. C. R. Young – J. W.

W. Bro. John Mann – Treasurer

Bro. Fredk. J. Nunn – Secretary

W. Bro.  Foxcroft – S.D.

Bro. W. T. Hook – J.D.

Bro. W. Cattermole – I.G.

Bro. Henry Finer, Bro. T. H. Baker – Stewards

Bro. H. Hart – tyler

All Officers officiating at the Consecration were elected Honorary Members of the Lodge.

It is interesting to note that at the first Installation meeting 13 joining members and 3 initiates were proposed, the three initiates being Mr. George Frederick West, of Thorpe-le-Soken, Mr. Norman Demaid and Mr. Clement Henry Grosvenor, of Clacton-on-Sea.

The brethren of St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge will be interested in the following list of donors of various articles of furniture, etc., most of which are still in use:

W.Bro. Sir J. H. Johnson – The Master’s Chair

W.Bro. W. J. Nunn – The S.W.’s Chair

W.Bro. C. R. Young – The J.W.’s Chair

W.Bro. T. D. Hayes – The Master’s Pedestal

Bro. W. Wrench Towse – The S.W.’s Pedestal

Bro. W. T. Hook – The J.W.’s Pedestal

Bro. F. J. Nunn – Three Pedestals for Candles

W.Bro. W. M. Foxcroft – Three Candlesticks

Bros. F. Wallis and W. W. Daniell – Working Tools

W.Bro. A. Penfold – Set of Tracing Boards

Bro. T. H. Baker – Deacon’s Wands

W.Bro. J. Dean – Ballot Box

W.Bro. J. Mann – Bible, Cushion, Square and Compasses

Bro. W. Cattermole – Kneeling Stool

H. W. Reed, E. Walker and H. W. Stevens – Officers’ Collars

Bro. G. Harrison – Deed Box

Bro. C. W. Holson – Broken Column

W.Bro. G. Kenning – BannerW.Bro. J. Mann .. Framed portrait of G. Master

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