St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge No. 2063

Consecrated 11th November 1884

 Sir John H Johnson    Bridg.Gen K.Kincaid-Smith C.B C.B.G

Sir John H Johnson 1st Master Bridg. Gen K. Kincaid-Smith C.B C.B.G


Some time prior to November 1884 several brethren had felt that It was desirable that a Lodge should be formed at Clacton-on-Sea, and with the aid of some of the brethren from Arnold Lodge. No. 1799, at Walton-on- Naze, a petition was prepared and recommended in 1884.

As a result, The St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge was consecrated on Tuesday, November 11th. 1884 in the Public Hall (was then part of Messrs. F. W. Lewellen and Co. premises) Pier Avenue. Clacton-on-Sca.

Thc names of the three principal officers of the new Lodge mentioned on the petition were :—

W.Bro. Sir John Henry Johnson. P.M. 99, W.M. Designate.

W.Bro. Walter J. Nunn, P.M. 1592. Z 1008. P.P.C.D. (Suffolk)

SW.Designate. W.Bro. C. R. Young. P.M. 13. J.W Designate.

In addition to these three brethren, the following were also founders of the l.odge :-

W.Bro. T. D. Hayes, P.M. and P.Z. 913.

W.Bro. Abel Penfold. P.M. and P.Z. 913.

W.Bro. C. Hempson, P.M. 1799. P.P.A.G.D.G.

W.Bro. John Mann. P.M. 51, P.P.G.Sec.

W.Bro. W. M. Foxcroft, W.M. 177.

Bro. F. J. Nunn. 433. 697, 1799.

Bro. W. W. Danicll. 51. 697.

Bro. W. Wrench Towse. 1799.

Bro. H. Finer. J.W. 1799.

Bro. F. Wallis. S.W. 1599.

Bro. W. Agate. 913.

Bro. P. B. Harris. 1799.

Bro. J. Phillips, 861.

Bro. G. H. Riches. 1799.

Bro. T. H. Baker. 133, 1391.

The Ceremony of Consecration was performed by the Rt. Wor. Provincial Grand Master, The Lord Brooke, M.P., assisted by the V.Wor. Deputy P.G. Master, Bro. F. A. Philbrick, Q.C., and the following Provincial Grand Officers :-

W.Bro. R. Clowes, P.P.G.W. as Senior Warden

W.Bro. W. Sowman, P.P.G.W. as Junior Warden

Bro. the Rev. W. M. Jones, Prov.G.C. as Chaplin

W.Bro. T. J. Railing, Prov.G.Sec. as Secretary

W.Bro. A. Lucking, Prov.G.D.C. as D.C.

W.Bro. D. Bartlett, Prov.G.P. as I.G.

Bro. G. Hair, P.P.G.R. as Tyler.

The music was performed by W.Bro. G. F. Smith, Junr., Prov.G.Org. as Organist W.Bro. C. E. Osmond, P.P.G.Org. W.Bro. J. C. Turner, P.P.G.Org. Bro. E. Gowers, S.W. and Org. 1024 P.P.G.Org. Bro. A. S. B. Sparling, J.W. 51.

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