Essex Freemasons CUBE

Join the CUBE the totally private, password protected interactive site for Essex Freemasons is gaining momentum. You can receive the latest news, post your own comments, create events. Form and join your own Lodge and Chapter groups, the site will give you access to many items, news and documents you need. All you have to do is go to the site and sign in.Twitter: @EssexComms


This interactive social media website – – can only be accessed and used by Essex Masons. It has been designed and developed not to appear on any search engines which means that information can be posted and shared with total confidence. This site offers a huge number of function to help Lodges and Chapters exchange information and keep every mason in the Province totally up to date with the very latest news.

Comment on anything to do with Freemasonry, post news and events, set up a conversation, and much more.

Every Lodge and Chapter in Essex can form its own group. Set the privacy settings so that only your member can see what is posted and you can then use this site to keep everyone up to date with Lodge and Chapter news, the latest summons etc. Every member has to first sign up as an individual before joining the Lodge or Chapter Group.

Share and post images or place videos of charity and special events

Download all the information you need for your Lodge such as charity forms, brochures and much more

If you have an event then post it on this site and invite fellow masons to join you and members of your Lodge or Chapter

Write a blog or post the latest news and then share it with the rest of the Province charity forms, brochures and much more
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