Coronation Chapter No. 2063

Membership of the Royal Arch Chapter is open to all those who have become full members of a Craft Lodge.

History Coronation Chapter No. 2063:

On January 20th, 1899, it was first mooted to form a Royal Arch Chapter attached to St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge, and that on January 17th, 1902, the necessary papers were signed in open Lodge to form the Coronation Chapter.

The Chapter was consecrated in the old Town Hall, Clacton-on-Sea, on May 29th, 1902, by the Grand Superintendent of the Province of Essex, His Honour Judge Philbrick, K.C., assisted by :-

E. Comp. Richard Clowes, P.G.Std.Br., P.P.G.H……….. as H.

E. Comp. John J. C. Turner, P.P.G.J. .. as J.

E. Comp. Thos. J. Railing, P.G.Swd.Br., Prov.G.S.E. …….. as S.E.

E. Comp. Jas. Berry, P.G.Asst.Soj. .. as S.N.

E. Comp. A. Lucking, P.A.G.D.C., Prov.G.D.C. …….. as D.C.

E. Comp. W. Hayman Cummings, P.G.O. as Organist.

E. Comp. F. J. Gecdly, P.P.G.P.Soj. .. as P.Soj.

In the course of the ceremony, the acting J., E. Comp John J. C. Turner, delivered a very thoughtful and practical Oration on The Nature and Principles of the Royal Arch Degree.

At the conclusion of the consecration ceremony, the Principals of the new Chapter were installed into their respective chairs by E. Comp. A. Lucking, Prov. G.D.C., as follows :-

M.E.Z. E. Comp. Claude E. Egerton Green, P.Z.51, P.P.G.H.

H. E. Comp. Walter Firmin Reed, J.51.

J. E. Comp. George Gardiner, S.N.51.

The officers of the Chapter were invested by the new M.E.Z. as under :-

Scribe E. .. E. Comp. E. Frayling.

Scribe N. . . Comp. J. W. Franks.

Treasurer .. Gomp. A. R. Ghamberlayne.

P.SoJ…..Comp. S. J. Sparling.

1st Asst. Soj. Comp. F. Chapman.

2nd Asst. Soj. Comp. F. E. Crate.

D C…..E. Comp. J. T. Bailey, P.Z.51, P.P.G.R.

Janitor .. Comp. F. Quilter.

E. Comp. A. S. B. Sparling, P.Z.51, P.P.G.S.N., was invested as I.P.Z.

On behalf of the founders, the M.E.Z. presented the Grand Superintendent with a jewel commemorative of the event, and, at the same time, thanked him for having come all the way from Somersetshire to conduct the proceedings.

The founders of the Chapter were :

E. Comp. Claude E. Egerton Green, P.Z.51, P.P.G.H.

Comp. Frank Chapman, Chapter 51.

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