Lodge Defibrillator

St Osyth’s Priory Lodge 2063 – Installs a Defibrillator Device in its Clacton Masonic Centre held at the Colvin Masonic Temple.

On the advice of W. Bro. David Appleby; The Master, supported by the Permanent Committee of St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge decided to purchase a Zol Defibrillator device for the benefit of everyone using the Colvin Masonic Centre. We hope it will never have to be used but it’s there – just in case!!

We have also arranged some essential training in its use, and an introductory session was held and attended by Masons from all the Lodges using the Centre. The Defibrillator device is very easy to use, and talks to you telling you what you have to do. It even tells you if you are not doing it properly! It’s almost fool proof. David would like to see these Defibrillators installed at every Masonic Centre in the Province (if not the whole country). If we save just one life it will be worth it.

If anyone requires any information about the Zol Defibrillator device (which is also used by Essex Ambulance service and many others) where it can be purchased etc. please [wpml_mailto email=”appleby444@btinternet.com”]Email David[/wpml_mailto] or Telephone number – 07714711055. David can also provide details of a fully qualified Trainer who will be happy to provided full training in CPR and the Defibrillator at reasonable cost. You will even get a certificate at the end of the training!

David Appleby PPGswdB St Osyth’s Priory Lodge 2063

It has been agreed that the Equipment would be dedicated to the memory of W. Bro John Baker.

Plack to WB John Baker

Lodge Defibrillator

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